1000 Blog Hits

Thank you to all visitors to this blog. A small milestone reached with 1000 hits. If you have bought any Magic Ceramics pots and have them planted up, please share with me so I can post them here.


Pots Available to Buy Now

All pots from the latest batch are now up on the FlickR page priced and ready to buy. Click the image below to visit the album.

ScreenHunter_239 May. 27 20.52

Time permitting we hope to get more added to the Etsy page to help make buying easier. Click below to visit the shop.


Another Batch

Another batch of accent pots is nearly there, they are already glazed and ready to be fired. All I need to do now is clean the mess after glazing:-) load the kiln and fire up. I will keep you updated with the results.

Best regards,